Rocky & Lissa

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Did Snedeker Crack Open a Beer Friday?

You decide: Did Joe Snedeker from WNEP-TV crack open a beer on air with Rocky & Lissa Friday morning?
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ROCKY & LISSA VIDEO: Liss Gets Whammed!

Lissa is Joe Snedeker's latest victim of "Wham Cam" on WNEP-TV.
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Nuns on the Run Make Talkback 16

No surprise. WNEP viewers attempt humor over "Nuns on the Run" story on Talkback 16.
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Goat Yoga on Talkback16

We're really not sure what inspires people to put the remote down & call WNEP's Talkback 16...but...we hope they keep doing it! Apparently, some of you are upset about "Goat Yoger!" Hilarious!!!
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AUDIO: Sharla McBride's Cameo on "Designated Survivor"

WNEP's Sharla McBride called the morning show to talk about her big cameo on tonight's (Sept 21) series premiere of the new ABC show "Designated Survivor" starring Kiefer Sutherland.
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Lissa Blog today is my 6 yr anniversary at KRZ

Well, today marks my 6 year anniversary at KRZ! Hard to believe how much time flies! Especially when (truth time) I only planned on staying here a year, then moving back to my family in Michigan. Northeast PA grew on me :) and I'm SO glad I stayed! Here are just a few reasons why my time here has...
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