Rocky & Lissa

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Did Snedeker Crack Open a Beer Friday?

You decide: Did Joe Snedeker from WNEP-TV crack open a beer on air with Rocky & Lissa Friday morning?
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Back Mountain Trail

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Rock Got Annoyed by the Nice Weather

Rock was probably the only one annoyed by the nice weather yesterday. Here's why...
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ROCK'S VIDEO: Last Night's Storm

Beautiful, but intense storm in Dallas last night. Hoping you made out OK!
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: The Talkback 16 Hot Weather Guy

The hot weather brings out the BEST in people! Just listen to this caller to Talkback 16 Wednesday night.
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ROCK'S BLOG: The Bomb Cyclone Drinking Game

THE “BOMB CYCLONE” DRINKING GAME If you hear or see any of the following on local news when they're reporting on the weather… TAKE A DRINK! *Reporter says to “hunker down” *Snow is referred to as “white stuff” *Any reporter appears on camera with a snow shovel or ice scraper *The anchor tells the...
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We realize you're tempted to do this when it's freakin' cold in the morning, but please DON'T DO THIS!!!
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AUDIO: Fair Weather

Jeff is obsessed with talking about the weather.
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Scientists: April 25th Is Not the Perfect Date

We all can remember the line from 2000 classic movie, Miss Congeniality . You are probably seeing memes and jokes from the movie all over Facebook today. You know the time when the character of Cheryl (also known as "Miss Rhode Island") says that April 25 is the "perfect date." The awkward dialogue...
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