Tom Cruise

ROCK'S BLOG: Trailer for "Top Gun 2"

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) Tom Cruise surprised fans at Comic Con in San Diego yesterday with the trailer for "Top Gun 2."' Looks like Maverick hasn't changed too much! "Top Gun 2: Maverick" hits theatres in June 2020. Video of TOP GUN 2: Maverick Trailer (2020)
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Fantasy Celebrity Death Matches

You're the promoter. What 2 celebrities would you like to see do battle in the ring?
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Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to a Fight, Rethinks After Realizing He’s 'Pushin 60'

Conor McGregor was ready too
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WATCH: Tom Cruise Injured During Filming of 'Mission Impossible: 6'

Tom Cruise appeared to injure his leg this weekend filming an action scene for Mission Impossible.
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'Top Gun 2' Gets Release Date

We heard earlier this year that a sequel to Top Gun was officially in the works. Well, now we know more about the movie. Tom Cruise is celebrating his 55th birthday today (July 3). And now we know that Top Gun 2 will hit theaters in 2019 . The movie, officially called, Top Gun 2: Maverick , will...
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'Top Gun 2' Is Finally Happening

Do you feel the need for speed? Well, a Top Gun sequel is finally in the works.
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