Covid couple

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Living in a House Divided

Are you in a relationship where your views totally differ when it comes to dealing with Covid-19? How do you deal? Listen Amanda jumped on with Rocky & Lissa to talk about living in a house divided.
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Covid Couple

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Covid Dating Part 1

Are you ready to go out on dates and give someone a chance? Or do you need to wait for a Covid vaccine? What about First Date ideas? Rocky & Lissa discuss.
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Covid Couple

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Covid Dating Part 2

In this segment on Covid Dating Lissa's single BF Desiree gives her thoughts on why she's not ready to resume dating.
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Rocky & Lissa

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Profile Pic Turnoffs

A new study revealed that women are turned-off by guys that put cats in their profile pics. Any other profile pic turn offs?
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Quarantine Relationship Advice

Rocky & Lissa offer advice on starting or rekindling a relationship now that we are coming out of Covid-19 quarantine.
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Filing Chapter 11 in Your Relationship

Just like major corporations, some relationships are filing Chapter 11 and not surviving Covid-19.
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Weird Body Part You're Attracted To

What is the weird body part that you are oddly attracted to???
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Bad Date

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Bad 1st Date Stories

A woman from Massachussetts went on what had to be the WORST FIRST DATE EVER! She picked up her date at his parents house & he had her drop him off at a he could rob it! Rocky & Lissa listeners came pretty close to topping this bad first date.
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Quirky Wedding Proposals

Did you propose or get proposed to in a unique way? Here's some of the best from Wednesday's Rocky & Lissa show on 98.5 KRZ.
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: To Snoop or Not to Snoop?

Liss is trying to convince a friend to NOT snoop on her partner. What happened when you snooped?
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