Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black on Surviving and Thriving After the ‘Friday’ Backlash

Rebecca Black joined RADIO.COM’s KROQ in Los Angeles to talk about the ninth anniversary of “Friday” and the outpouring she’s received since posting a note earlier this week.
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Rebecca Black Sends Her Younger Self an Emotional Note for 'Friday' Anniversary

February 10, 2011. The very beginning of the infamy of Rebecca Black . That’s the date that the 13-year-old singer uploaded her video for “Friday,” and set off a viral storm of criticism, hot takes, and parodies. Now 9 years later, Black is looking back and sending a message to her younger self. “9...
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It was 6 years ago today that what many feel is the worst song ever, Rebecca Black's "Friday", was released. Rocky & Lissa tried search for a more annoying song.
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