Study Finds Kids Work Harder Dressed as Batman

If your child's favorite thing to do is dress up in their Batman costume, you're in luck.
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WATCH: Victoria Beckham Gives Strangers Fashion Advice for $2

Just imagine having the opportunity to ask one of the most famous fashion designers in the world, Victoria Beckham , for advice. Well, if you were one of the lucky fans walking around Central Park recently, you may have had the chance to speak with her... after you paid $2 that is. According to...
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Flood Reporting at its Finest

Check out this news reporter in Houston describing what she thought she saw in a rescue boat.
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WATCH: The Lyon Family Sticks Together for 'Empire' Season 4

Fox 's hit television show Empire is set to return September 27. Wednesday's will once again become your favorite night of the week as the show will start at a new time of 8/7c. Cookie and Lucious are back and better than ever. The season 4 trailer titled, 'Families Stick Together,' will prove that...
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Jennifer Lawrence's Private Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing

Jennifer Lawrence experienced something over the weekend that is just about everyone's worst nightmare. The 26-year-old actress was traveling June 10th when her private plane had to make an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York. According to People , the crew was mid-flight when one of the plane's...
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Jeff's Audition Tape for WBRE

98.5 KRZ's Jeff Walkers auditon tape for WBRE
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