AUDIO: Jeff Finds Your Mask ... SEXY

There's something about only seeing half of your face that Jeff finds VERY sexy.
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AUDIO: Most Disturbing Movies

What's the most DISTURBING MOVIE you've ever seen?
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VIDEO: Jeff's Unboxing

Not remembering what he ordered, receiving Amazon boxes feels like Christmas during isolation for Jeff.
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AUDIO: Emote the Quote

Jeff and Amanada ask what quote or saying has meant something to you during the pandemic?
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AUDIO: On Edge

We're all a bit on edge these days, but this man in Massachusettes is feeling it after going to the store.
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VIDEO: Staying Home + Staying Busy w/ Amanda

The days are long, but the weeks are short. Anyone else feeling that? Here’s a little peek at the creating, dancing, singing, exploring, and dressing up happening over here while we #StayHomeStaySafe. -- #StayConnectedTogether XO
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AUDIO: Jeff Lost His Salt

He searched for weeks with no luck ... and THEN Jeff found his salt shaker.
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Email Wednesday: Shoplifting

What would you have done if you observed a mom stealing food?
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AUDIO: Tipping For Takeout

Are you tipping extra for takeout during lockdown?
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AUDIO: How Long Can You Last in Lockdown?

Of course as long as it takes, but realistically how long can you last in lockdown?
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