AUDIO: Maxxinistas Unite!

NEPA's Maxxinistas are very excited for stores to reopen!
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AUDIO: Email Wednesday - Guy Eats Scab

She saw the guy she's dating eat his own scab.
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Can You Spot a Smile Behind a Mask?

Can you spot a smile behind Jeff + Amanda's masks?
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VIDEO: Jeff's Social Distance Stick!

Christopher from Tunkhannock has been documenting his quarantine with social distance selfies and Jeff F I N A L L Y got to use his Social Distance Stick!
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AUDIO: Road Trips From Hell

Think back to the worst road trip of your life ...
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AUDIO: Social Distancing in Cars

Have you noticed drivers keeping a social distance ... in their cars?
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AUDIO: Washing Masks

Are you washing your masks as often as you should be?
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Jeff Grad

VIDEO: The Commencement Speech NO ONE Asked Jeff To Give

Jeff delivers a commencement speech NO ONE ASKED FOR.
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VIDEO: Jeff's 90 Second Mystery

Jeff went digging through the garbage . . . again.
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AUDIO: Email Wednesday - Pool Invites

Are these real pool invites?
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