ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Double Stuff or Regular Oreos?

Today is National Oreo Day! That lead to a big debate on the show: Double Stuff or Regular Oreos???
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Five Special Deals for National Margarita Day That Will Have You Celebrating!

National Margarita Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a great drink tonight. So we have compiled a list of some restaurants that are offering specials for the holiday.
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Scranton Food Packaging Event!

On October 21, 15,000 meals will be packaged in 2 HOURS! It's happening in Scranton with Here For A Reason and donations/volunteers are needed! Donate or sign up to volunteer here:
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Starbucks Just Added Sushi to Their Menu

Starbucks just made a big announcement about their menu. Relax, Pumpkin Spice lovers. Unfortunately, today's announcement has nothing to do with the arrival Pumpkin Spice. Of course, we anticipate that news is probably coming any day now. You may have noticed they are offering more food items. When...
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