Fetch is changing the way we grocery shop!

Coming off the weekend into a Monday doesn't usually give me a lot to talk about. However that changed yesterday. While my normal Sunday is pretty mundane the typical laundry, cleaning and other tasks I truly despise that need to be done. I now can take one of those things off my dreaded Sunday...
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Love finding creativity in the depths of the internet!

Once and awhile I stumble upon someone who has just taken it to the next level. Looks like I found another great example of this again! I introduce you to Banks! Video of Donkey Kong in Real Life (Live Action Short Film) Check out more about him here! ~Fish
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Something Positive For Once

In a time where a lot of negativity seems to clog social media and mass media in general I feel it's important to highlight the postive things. Here is one of my favorite stories from the last few days! ~Fish |
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Sorry I Don't Wave Somtimes

So lately I have run into a few people who have totally called me out on my driving habbits! One of my favorite things to do especially with the warm weather is to cruise around windows down and listening to music. I apologize in advance if you see me around town in my Chevy Cruze and I'm totally...
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My First 5K!

This Saturday I attempt my first 5K! Probably shouldn't try it in my sandals what do you think lol. Seriously though any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I'm going into this knowing I will most likely be walking the majority of it, if not the whole thing. Hey it's a start in the...
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Check out new music from Drake , Twenty One Pilots, and Zayn! Tuesday, April 26th 00:00:00 Transcript - Not for consumer use. Robot overlords only. Will not be accurate. Discover new. If an Eddie boy's five KRC. I've got guys try to resist or how music regular ninety point five KRC hag you've got...
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