Rock's Haircut

ROCK'S BLOG: Home Haircut

Finally, after 2 months, Rock let his wife cut his hair. How did she do?
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Hungry Rats May Become ‘Aggressive’ as Coronavirus Restaurant Shutdowns Persist: CDC

While restaurants remain closed during the coronavirus pandemic, it is bad news for humans, but also for the rats. Experts warn that the rodents may get ‘aggressive’ amid COVID-19 restaurant shutdowns.
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Rocky & Lissa

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Is Requiring a Mask Unconstitutional?

Are your constitutional rights violated when a business requires you to wear a mask? Here's the definitive answer.
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Is It Safe to Try On Clothes While Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

While many of us continue to social distance, some of us may be wanting to head back to the store to buy some clothes. Is it safe to try on clothes at a store during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Betty White Is Doing Crossword Puzzles and Sipping Martinis During the Pandemic: 'I'm Blessed'

Betty White wants all her fans to know that she is doing perfectly fine during the coronavirus pandemic. The 98-year-old actress says she is grateful for her health and the chance to slow down.
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Survey: Americans Have Little Trust in Low-Cost Spirit, Allegiant Airlines During Pandemic

Who’s ready to fly? Turns out a lot of you are, but many aren’t. A new survey from the travel site says people are hesitant to fly during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Kelly Ripa Has Been Taping ‘Live’ From the Caribbean After Coronavirus Left Her Stranded

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos have been secretly staying in the Caribbean during the coronavirus pandemic. She has been taping her talk show after coronavirus left her stranded.
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COVID-19: Can the Virus Live on Your Beauty Products?

Doctors are now telling people the best practices for using beauty products during the COVID-19 pandemic. Can coronavirus live on your makeup products?
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Hair Stylist Worked for 8 Days at Great Clips Location Despite Having COVID-19 Symptoms

A Missouri hairstylist served 84 clients over eight days while experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. Officials revealed other places the stylist frequented. See the details.
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Photos Show Packed Memorial Day Gatherings at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks

Missouri is one of the states that gradually continues to reopen, but this Memorial Day Weekend was alarming as the state saw many crowds. See the details.
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