Penn State

ROCK'S BLOG: Updated Area College/University Schedules

The latest info on NEPA colleges & universities and their adjusted Spring schedules due to the Coronavirus.
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Kobe Bryant

ROCK'S BLOG: Kobe Bryant in his own Words

Celebrating the life of NBA great Kobe Bryant with some of his inspirational words he left behind.
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ROCK'S BLOG: Worst Game Show Contestant Ever!

On second thought, maybe she's the BEST game show contestant ever! What do YOU think??? Video of Popeye's favourite food is... Chicken? | Family Feud Canada
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ROCK'S BLOG: True Story that Friends Think is a Lie

When I was in college I got pulled over for armed robbery. TRUE STORY! And most people don't believe me. My friends & I were driving around after the bars closed in a white van. A cop pulled up behind us & flashed his lights. We freaked. As we tried hiding the beer in the van he got out of...
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ROCK'S BLOG: Plymouth Kielbasi Fest

Big thanks to Plymouth Alive! for inviting me to be one of the judges at Saturday's Kielbasi Festival. What a great time! The town really comes together to throw an awesome festival. And I also ran into my buddy Brian Lyons, the Junior Fire Chief, who's trying to raise money to purchase Jaws of...
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ROCK'S BLOG: New Tiger Woods/Nike Ad

(Photo courtesy of USA Today Images) It was the big sports story of the weekend...TIGER WOODS amazing win at the Masters Golf Tournament. Woods had not won a major championship since 2008 and he had not won the Masters since 2005. But Nike was ready with a new TV spot seconds after Tiger's victory...
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ROCK'S BLOG: The BEST Christmas Card Ever!!!

This just might be the BEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER!!! A dog lover in Texas wanted to spread a little holiday cheer AND raise awareness to help stray dogs. Check out this AMAZING photo of Amanda Hulebak with 18 rescue dogs! How did she ever get all those furry friends to sit still for the photo? I have...
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ROCK'S BLOG: Powerful Message from a Grieving Parent

(Photo courtesy of USA Today Images) Yesterday one of the parents that lost a child in the Majory Douglas Stoneman school shooting delivered a very powerful message in Washington to the President. Andrew Pollack's daughter Meadow was one of 17 that lost their life. His message avoided talk of guns...
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ROCK'S BLOG: Live Video of the Tesla in Space!

I honestly never thought I'd live long enough to see FLYING CARS. Wrong! Yesterday Elon Musk launched his SpaceX rocket from the same launch pad in Cape Canaveral that sent the shuttles into space. And now, one of his Tesla Roadsters, driven by "Starman" (a dummy), is cruising thru space. Check out...
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ROCK'S BLOG: Would You Do THIS for $1000???

Name your price? How much would it take for you to try this INSANE stunt? Video of Idiot puts bare ass on bees for money | New York Post
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