AUDIO: Italians Singing

During tough times, it's amazing to see communities pull together.
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VIDEO: Amanda Cuts Jeff's Hair

With hair salons closed in Pennsylvania during the Coronavirus outbreak, Jeff needed a haircut. Amanda did . . . her best.
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What's Open in Pennsylvania?

What's open in Pennsylvania?
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Jeff + Amanda's St. Patrick's Parade Broadcast Part 2

If you were disppointed not to have St. Patrick's Day parades in Scranton and Wilkes Barre this year, Jeff and Amand broadcasted the NEPA St. Patrick's Parade!
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AUDIO: Jeff and Amanda's Parade Broadcast

Jeff and Amanda bring the "NEPA St. Patrick's Parade" to you ... on KRZ!
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AUDIO: Self Checkouts

Who are self checkouts REALLY for?
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A Day In Her Shoes: Mari Potis

In Amanda's podcast, A Day In Her Shoes, Amanda gets to know Mari Potis, Director of Membership and Events at the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.
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AUDIO: Jeff's Fake Laugh

Jeff was accused of faking his laugh . . . and laughter ensued.
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AUDIO: Industries Ripping Us Off

Who do you feel like you're getting ripped off by?
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AUDIO: Coronavirus Porn

There's a new kind of porn in hgh demand...
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