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VIDEO: Meet Jeff's Imaginary Family!

We've heard about Jeff's imaginary family for years ... and now we finally get to meet them!
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AUDIO: What Jeff's Sick of On Facebook

These are the things Jeff is tired of seeing on Facebook.
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AUDIO: PA State Rep. Tarah Toohil

PA State Rep. Tarah Toohil joins Jeff and Amanda to talk about COVID-19 in Hazleton.
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AUDIO: SOS - Amanda's Nuggets

Amanda signaled an SOS ... she ran out of her kids favorite chicken nuggets and hasn't been able to find them during her weekly grocery store trips.
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AUDIO: COVID-19 Fact or Fiction #3

Debunking rumors you may be seeing on social media.
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VIDEO: Amanda - Baking with Bugsy

Is there a lot of stress eating/baking happening in your house? Amanda's girls love to bake ... it's an activity that becomes a snack. A time consuming 2 in 1 is perfect for entertaining kids in quarantine.
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AUDIO: Woman Scares Telemarketer

A Scranton woman is TIK TOK famous after she went viral during a call with a telemarketer.
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NEPA Quarantine BINGO

Life looks a bit different for everyone over the last few weeks while sheltering in place/in quarantine. Using this BINGO sheet and crossing off the things you've done recently ... how do you do? -Amanda
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AUDIO: Supporting Your Spouse

Jeff and Amanda ask what your spouse is doing to support you during the pandemic.
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VIDEO: Amanda's "Creative" Lunch

While trying to only grocery shop weekly, we've underestimated the amount of bread we go through while home quarantined. Amanda got creative at lunch time, but while her husband is sweet and ate it, he won't be asking for it again tomorrow.
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