AUDIO: Masked Singer ... RIGGED?

Are we supposed to believe that NO ONE on the set of Masked Singer knows who is behind the masks? That the judges are pulling random names out of thin air?
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AUDIO: Dumb Pandemic Products

The products that have come from the pandemic.
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VIDEO: Toddler Temptation Challenge

There's a new social media challenge called the TODDLER TEMPTATION CHALLENGE! I love seeing these videos and watching the kids think it over when their parent walks away. Put some treats in a bowl and ask them to wait to have some until you get back. Share yours with us! -Amanda
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AUDIO: Amanda's Attire

Work from home attire.
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AUDIO: Limerick Day ... Jeff Remembers One

On Limerick Day, Jeff recalls the only one he knows ...
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AUDIO: Who Needs Hugs?

If we need at least 4 hugs a day and Jeff hasn't touched another human in months ... he's in the hold a lot of hugs for growth.
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AUDIO: Most Dangerous Spot In Store

Jeff and Amanda talk about which spot in a grocery store might be the most dangerous.
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Amanda's Mother's Day Surprise

Jeff made this for Amanda for Mother's Day!
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AUDIO: Hardest Jobs

Jeff runs down a list of the hardest jobs.
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AUDIO: Five Year Old Driving

Not what you expect to see when you pull up next to a swerving car . . .
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