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Chewy is your typical fun guy. Having fun is his favorite thing to do, whether it be hanging out with friends, working on his motorcycle, or just relaxing watching a Star Wars Marathon. He loves being the center of attention at any party, concert, and yes even at restaurants. That’s right restaurants, he loves his food! When we asked what his favorite food was the list was too long so we told him to narrow to one and he said “Whatever is in front of me at the moment is my favorite…I hope it’s a cheeseburger or pizza.”

He’s been working at the station since 2016 and has been on air since the beginning of 2017. He grew up around the industry with his father being in the radio business following right in his footsteps. So sit back and let Chewy entertain you with Today’s Best Music, a funny story, getting sent out on blind dates from Rocky and Lissa or a video of him eating an old fruitcake because he lost a bet to Fishboy! “It’s all about having fun and keeping the peace, love, and positive vibes!