#WalkerGoneWild - The Wall

Thursday, May 18th

Jeff shares an idea about how to pay for the controversial wall. 


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I am going to bring up a topic that I never bring up in public anymore because either you love the idea or you hate it however a friend of mine who does some work on my home came up with an idea that I think is absolutely. Breathtakingly. Brilliant we got talking about whether or not to build a wall on the Mexican border I happened to be in favor of it we all know the Mexicans are not going to pay for it yet it's very expensive and really this country can't afford to spend billions on a wall. Then he said to me because he's in favor of a Wallace well. Why don't we build a wall that would be a giant. So more walls and we can split the revenue from it because the sun will shine on both sides of the wall eventually I'm not a technician I'm not an engineer I don't even now solar panels on the roof of my house but I know that technology has grown and it is doable and you can save money so maybe I'm shooting into the darkness here or turn on this panel let's start care however this just on the surface seems rather out of the box and very creative and almost ingenious if we could both save mass amounts of money. By sucking energy out of the sun with an object that is going to stand their day and night and mostly it'll be sunny it's an African belzer so the idea here is you sell only energy created by this wall standing in the desert you take the proceeds and that's what you used to fund the cost of building the wall while a lot of problems solved. Go ahead shoot it down what your arguments and if you're against securing our border you're gonna hate us anyway. I just thought it was really a breath of fresh air thinking in a different way about a problem we have in this country thanks all listening to walker got a while I have to go pay my utility bills if you want to comment email late John Walker at 985 KRC dot com.