Walker Gone Wild: Why Do You Live Here?

Friday, February 16th

Why do you still live here?


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It's just walker why are you still living here seriously. You know we hear all the time Wellesley Dodgers nothing to do here. I'm my job pay is crap I hate oh what other this place will never get any better solve. Why are you here now I'm not judging you. Because I'm here all so and I didn't even begin here I came here of my own accord. I often think about this and a trip to Key West this past week made me think about it more why do we live where we do. Maybe you were born here and your parents parents were here before them. So it seems like a natural progression no common Nana Cokie and I have to stay here. But seriously why do most people never moved to a better climate or replaced with better jobs or to a place that just always seemed appealing to us is that a lack of adventurer is that the fear of trying something new I don't really know I'm just thinking this room myself because because I'm a hot weather guy I love son. And I grew up in Boston and I moved here and well we get a little bit in the summer enough to Bob ball. It's just funny how you can go to different parts of this country and it appears to be heaven on earth. For me it is Key West your idea of heaven will be something different. But why do we not pick up and move they go about it in your case again not a judgment it's just something that's been rumbling through my mind. I can't go to key west Nile though because I love my job that's why I have stayed here and Key West is very laid back. Very laid back and right now I'm not laid back and I'm not chill. I will have to wait until I start running out of gas. Of the ten. Then I'll have to head south all the way down to the bottom of this great country so if nothing else make sure your lifetime you take some really great trips to places you dreamed about and I would definitely recommend Key West as one of your destinations. If you wanna comment feel free to email me Jeff walker at 985 KE RC dot com.