Walker Gone Wild - Coffee

Wednesday, November 15th

Jeff has good news for coffee drinkers 


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Hi it's soccer gone wild do you wanna increase your chances of living a long life. And you wanna make mornings a little more enjoyable at the same time then have a good hot cup of coffee. And then a second one. And enjoy a third one throughout the day a new massive study has just been completed when I say this is a big study listen to this 521000. 330. Men and women over sixteen year period worked track. Those who had three cups of coffee per day ended up with a lower risk of dying from anything. There mortality rate went down against. All of disease that's a lot of people over a long period of time plus don't you just feel better in the morning after that hot cup of coffee for May be after one juror mid afternoon snack. Now keep in mind these people were drinking black coffee you can't go loading up with sugar and cream and other fattening and unhealthy substances. But here's one more thing you might also want to think about a few are trying to lose weight caffeine speeds up your metabolism. And if you get up in the morning on an empty stomach have a copper to a coffee and then work out you will rule. But in any event enjoy your three cups of coffee a day and I hope you live a long life. I just hope you don't spend that extra time in alignment at Starbucks. If you want to comment email me jump walker at 985 KE RC dot com.