Walker Gone Wild: Back Off Patriot Haters!

Thursday, February 8th

Jeff sounds off on the Super Bowl. 


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Hi it's jumper just walk current welcome to walker gone wild so we have a new world champion in the NFL what is the Philadelphia Eagles I am a lifelong patriots fan I'm not here to make any excuses Philadelphia won it fair and square frankly the patriots don't have a defense that's worthy this year of being national champions. However the one thing I never want to hear again from Eagles fans from cowboys fans bills and G outs whoever they happen to be playing is this ball. The real for Reeves always favor the patriots every call goes their way of Hulu Hulu. If you watch the super ball unbiased you have to agree the patriots did not get any breaks from the referee is the final two touchdowns by the Eagles were one of those coin toss type decisions could have been overturned we've now found out that touchdown pass that once caught probably was an illegal formation if you wanna believe former NFL great Michael Strahan something about not enough men on the line of scrimmage. So Eagles fans enjoy the offseason your the world champions and for every supporter of teams other than the patriots back off on the up. Old blue river res there in the bed can't give up the patriots. No we're just good on a consistent basis and will probably see you in the playoffs again next year if you want to comment you can reach me at Jeff walker at 985. KRZ dot com.