ROCKY & LISSA "UNFILTERED" -- Would You Rather?

Friday, February 9th

Latest "Unfiltered" podcast is up.  We tackle another round of WOULD YOU RATHER?

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Kinda like they forgot to turn the lights off when they went to commercial. He Melissa still say I'm 95 GRC dot com I just weeks until they're podcast it's another round of we would do. There are a little pressure on yet tickle three scenarios and of the outlook over their gonna pick from the other loveless iMac first learned I'd rather. Us. Have a horrible job. But be able to retire comfortably in ten years or have a dream job -- have to work until the day I die easy dream job musician I have that can play to the day I die because what happens when you start working you're gonna die January got to keep busy getting exactly right I would not be good useless person do what you love. At that kids listening. Tonight we learn from us rocky would you rather. Be transported permanently 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past is Newton I think I'd like to go 510 years in the past few it is like back then I wanna be surprised by what's coming up I don't wanna know an indictment smallpox a scarlet fever or something they haven't vaccinated for yet are you the story. I'll hold my breath put on a surgical masters cup and I can't. Next scenario would I rather be it she for the rest of my life or sticky for the rest of violence and food. Sticky I was gonna cast once in the its drove me almost in somewhere in pain somewhere yes sticky. Or sticky. Only discussed when in doubt sticking out sticky. Would you rather than. Or get away with something a horrible you did that always in fear of being caught a what if terrible choice the so much harder than stickier ET. See I got this thing about. Guys imprisoned. Let's hit it. Doesn't everybody die I don't wanna be there I'd rather get away with something horrible and. And live in fear of being caught yeah I think I'd rather roll the dice on that one I already out I can't promise I might find no one end. Would I am rather. Be able to control fire or water in Lou's got a good line I would rather be able to control. Water because and I could fire hours ago writes help people super early and make an ocean and a swimming whenever long. Would you rather have hands they kept growing and she got older or feet that kept growing and she got older and the big cans of baby I'd like they're big and he had. Better if you touch you buy it could read things and a walk around like a size 47 issuance that would be useful at all yet at least that can be useful. Right there yeah we humans are weird. More Iraqi lives so weekday mornings fight dirty kids and I'm 98 point five JRC.