ROCKY & LISSA "UNFILTERED" -- Would You Rather?

Friday, December 1st

3 quick rounds of WOULD YOU RATHER? to make us squirm!


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Ever wonder what rocky illicit talk about when the music is playing. It's it's it's Iraqi analysts still there and 95 KE RC dot com a look at I have here last. This is the envelope a would you rather scenarios. I can't wait a cared a ton the next there's a bunch in their reach can pick up threes gonna pick your first one out to look at cancer would rather hire the best you can and. No would I rather poop bricks corporate puke slugs. Series regular permanent. Through these. I actually don't have to think about it I would rather puke up slots because they're slippery and slimy and the job to put it. The pipeline all right here's mine. Which you rather oh run your tongue got a New York City sidewalk or. Pressured tying into his strangers not mr. Is. Does she do either. So many germs on a sideline. But it's an inanimate object and go inside a walk on this one and having acted. I'm shocked yet really stranger you're playing them a clean strangers see it doesn't specify how the surprise of that answer. Would I rather. Never have Internet access again. Or never be able to take an airplane anywhere again. Mom I guess the airplane one yes I like driving that that's hard. Oh please you manager and one thing you know the Germans the Iraqi. It's them and the first Russian would you rather go through life with a colts are on your mouth yeah. Or go through life with a bugger hanging from your new these. Are. These are beautiful. Were people still talk to you would you talk to me by a cold sore talked yes I quit sharing water bottle yeah. Of the bugger. I gotta go bugger on this one BF IV you know right hand. A little bit but the colts or it's there constantly yup staring at your right. Finally turning final pick and pluggable pilots ain't. Would I rather immerse myself in a bathtub of spiders and or a bathtub until Barack goes spin outside thing right. Alliance fighters I at a Miami and even the visual and just imagine no tobacco spit tobacco alcoholic and yet she put me with that I'd rather do that its fighters up. All right my final would you rather. Peer herself in public once a week to. Or who took it. Or put yourself in private belly up. Given a few years trying to energize. I'm gonna. I'm gonna prove myself and try to de LA but he pitches and we via its private he he notes that alarm timer on Manhattan here every day. They catch rocky at this hour radio week day mornings. And I'm 98 point five KE RC.