Friday, January 12th

In this latest UNFILTERED another phone call that didn't make it on air this week.  A woman offers Liss some words of encouragement:  Keep pooping! :) 


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Kinda like I forgot to bring them. When they went to commercial. Italy's I go there I'm not eat five JRC dot com or write to the super appropriately. OK here's this started I was trying to tell you the benefits of drinking hot water especially in Allentown just health benefits and this caller called to not you agree with me. Where this sand is so much to tell another those phone calls that that but never made it to the air this rate it's your on filtered. You are under that right I think that hot water really well yeah honey the more you do look better you feel I don't example cleanup. They. Keep it simple clean it's a strange. Yet uniquely bring you got contact the more you pull the petty beyond that practically. It's around your body no good C I have high output Iraq I soap and not only hot water but it much. Like rocket hit eat eat arm weigh heavy there I'm around you go Berra eat and I see. I would ever higher and pray and that is not as if our dirty I may be at. Every 24 hour day how many of those hours are actually spent on the silent point nine. No not enough. You do what you gotta do more now expand in the afternoon and NN. Live report and today. And goes faster because more regular than you all the rest you have to work for it we're in and out that we'd. You need to take every bit in an outlet where it out actual great trying to be at a they. Amen I spoke at all or are you got a client. Yeah he did coney. I. Group are. Back. For more. I brought you this. Morning. On ninety point five JRZ.