ROCKY & LISSA "UNFILTERED:" Calum Scott Unedited Interview

Friday, February 17th

Rocky & Lissa talked to emerging British Pop star Calum Scott Tuesday morning.  Here's the complete un-edited interview...the stuff that DIDN'T make it on air.


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Yeah I know like I forgot to turn the lights off when they went to commercial. Rocky Elissa I go there I'm 95 KE RC dot com. I already of rocky and less value towns got it on. And Jon Scott today day. Let's go to our Iraq hey Ali you are fantastic I am currently in Phoenix Arizona. Nice you're lucky because if you've been following the weather in the northeast we've been rocked with. Brutally cold weather. We'll be I bite my view that we could bought in America I'd be all right it was horribly cold. I beat it at all. We get a couple probe are run. Cards. And the time of the year Eagles are called that we thought were fine leave and all based on I'm on your property. This is just the US testing new talent you know that we're just making sure that you can handle it over hair. Yeah you just let it hard you know might be you know ability I I've I've critical. I'm cool. Hey take us back a couple of years. Basically you're your big. Moment was during Britain's got talent and there you are you have to follow your sister on the show. Yet these start up. It was a little about stressful performances in my life on student. Yeah and you know you a Christian look up your says she's family. Andy probably sweating to begin with a jury going to be performing in front of us Simon Cowell but you nailed it. That was a thing in this search in such a while when abortion. Is. You know our spirit of why did vote to go on the sure. I'm Marreese it would mall are that it be you know know that like experience all of it maybe takeaways. You know some positive cricket is. You know where it you are mostly crap out front on TV then what people can keep doing what we love and you know. Just try to do what ever BL QQ do you know singing for a bit in. Making career are saying them. You know octave for my big inspiration you know it got beat the mean she she discovered my court before I go to our to. Get me singing and then. Get slammed by Simon onstage. The outlook but it. You know don't I thought I'd say. Console I knocked on the same guy who is you know try to de corps came listen. Erica well with art and oh. You. Can still. Is he built them you really you know the whole thing just like bit victory you know. And did you think that inspired you to really just go all out in your performance because you got the the golden buzzer from Simon. Yeah I mean I'll order our most emotional performance over the given nothing keep these. You know I was going through that Miller. You know it is just call one. That we were we were among our you know I'm agreed. That they yeah Specter boy who just want true you know. You know actually console stage act all along from and as well my dad's in my patient. I had. Born again partly the leader regarding your car liberty. I'll I stop and martian on. Onto the pain of not being able Libya must sit there you know looking at you know you can yoga be your video rocky bock abdicated you know she is not what models just urged him he would start. It would it would agree sir all I don't think I'll get a as much of an arsenal on the market that was all my emotions humble fruit machines are. I'm trying to help. I've well you know. It was it was an experience I would I would like up there we indicative as much as it was. Amazing what happened and it was certainly not. You cannot be my sister and been adequately enough. I have to tell you we get so many requests or challenge Scott dancing on my own was that really recorded in your bedroom. Article about my. Where I would bogon he called all eyes they'll be England. He did it at all and some had been there over that recorder but while. Until now they came on my bedroom. Is it just makes me chuckle that we are. And they want they. Being a million art studio are in the hot look at them than it was it was the chili in my that you are is equal to about. In Europe and partly inspired people well by you know it doesn't need to repeat you know are spending. Welcome Marty yeah all you know begin. But the location to be able lately you know you can you can court equanimity is probably our children are bigger than you believe and your partner then hopefully older certain equipment. I think you're such a good following here in Pennsylvania you need to come and play Scranton Pennsylvania. I'm I am are ready to put it may not even think he's being but they. RII you'll love it be the ball. How how to meet Paul buck in November that they. I thought to be quite a few. You FaceBook nowhere near as many white south land way either when that album drops all whenever it's in my schedule a lot combined into Apple's part the US is. So much I had already fund I need to. Couldn't they seem to you are a couple of racial I can jam on you to could that repeat these are yeah I've yet to be you'll be around. Com Scott dancing not on my own of course the summer playing hearing care Zeke did you have a big guy coming to America moment where. A lot and you saw the statue delivered the year the Empire State Building or order your first Domino's Pizza or something like that some big American moment. Liu all star Allen Obey the opposition are. I get on by cults are artwork really hot. He got few around remember when he picked the iMac on my did you I'm he would look at corporate social and unite. You know people discrete and are adopting a more integrity in this single sorry that maybe we should just do it. That all the the focus now he's making sure that people recognize not so we wanna be right original music and we want the you know maybe get the EP together or that let you go out that are not what we put out there on your what are. Is he crazy about India. The attention of America to try it do forty feet. That being. So I can mark. When. When I'm tickled me to say enough I have some incredible news or easy site we're gonna America call with. So huge where call labelled I would like. Wall and you yet if they would have gone to new Yorker and and to never beaten for the eight football. The go to new York and peak Times Square you know and go to LA he all the side walk payment date my mind to complete the frontal. Are just by. By how much more troops in America do you eat you know highlight the very sad thing you see I'm square roots you know movies. You know all the would not like. He. You know I just it was sort of made in our company. And it didn't then you're not in the accurately that he we are very mechanical guard that. It's very very long and Empire State Building. The continental floor is but he really I think you're like a lot to hold. Just the incredible thing that I look America look the Americans. Like the American there's huge art music. A pleasure retire to play them. Yes I just wanna I wanna law and the year. Well we hope to see much much Laura you and funny seventeen over here in the US specifically Pennsylvania and do you have it release date for the album. It would be it would bring secret political mark Pennsylvania I'm. My album here soma. We the doing some final thing I'm I'm it is you're you're much Deborah called mark to the content of you know and an official get from officials on and in. And make sure that everything should be seeing him ready to be certain liquids are. Where we're all work that. Still like to open the local market that we can build a good luck. And some feel that the right thing bill. I am you know. Aren't all like he would want to let up well. Yeah I'm desperate to fill out our heart will be around spring summer I'm. So are you know all the all the my own original music. I've yeah I just it's gonna be our radar can't wait shirt with a well. Well Colin continue to assess best of luck Tia and yelling out to see you then. NPA sometime this year. Thank you money being played well if you guys between them execute to the station until all the litmus. Again behind. You how not an idea how much has changed my life. I'm it would bring me great pleasure and great all that welcome all of you guys in Pennsylvania. All the corporate. I'm just are properly treat the clincher is that you've got you by so much. Don't know it's that thanks god. I thank you what while you're back for more. Big catch rocky this hour radio weekday mornings right here on ninety point five JRZ.