Friday, February 10th

This week on UNFILTERED we gave you the chance to ask us ANYTHING.  Amung the questions:  Do you think it's weird when people don't wear underwear? & When did you lose your virginity?


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Ever wonder what Iraqi illicit talk about when the music is playing. This is the Iraqi Alyssa. I'm not 85 KE RC dot com earlier in the week we had you guys are texting questions as guests. Anything got the list over that would promised you'd answer all of these in our next and filters segments of your gums or read these in order that they came in our first question yes. Who is bat man's greatest rival Superman or the Joker the you're more comic book person and I am I'm gonna have an opinion I'm a no wash your planet when you feel valid I think it Joker he's proven a formidable foe for decades has he not. You know Superman it was just one movie and they're both kind of goods they can know what's in each other's minds I think the Joker part of mr. freeze. KC alpha particle and. I just splitting hairs Iraq next question do you think it's weird rocky and less so when people don't Wear underwear with pants knowing don't rock Merrill Gulfport. Comfortable. Orlando is a beautiful thing yet just. You know sometimes the in the white pants and see through pants that. Not on taco night changing employ an off next question when did you lose your virginity. This was a fifth of them. Seven seniors all okay my first weekend away at college. I see I apply late for fiscal slay I couldn't get a dorms and live off campus it was kind of weird like that. They ran a dorm rooms and say we're living off campus and one side was guys one side is girls little overlapping first weekend heat. And do the whole embarrassing thing about this was the shade was part partly open. And it was. Had a good experience. You have your first time it was it was cool being naked with a girl regards Sayyaf but at the moment you thought it was dead right by Aetna. They need to seventeen my boyfriend's house in high school and he played the same doors song over and over sever timing and crystal ship now I just I think crystal ship one of my favorite songs whenever she admired Mexican experience but the opposite of yours final question from the text. He Iraqi analysts how do you each feel about songs for me personally. No on a woman that's great that's. I don't know how you guys Wear those things is same exact answer per mile that I like wearing them. But if the dude where's song especially at a public beach bests and don't know and even on women though it's great but when you bend over. And you know that little will tell as exposed he comes out of the cans right I think nobody does that seem. Early 2000 or you're really trying to might do by accident yeah ladies onto the wealth in this and isn't an income for with a thinks of the high. The US where. We're tiny bomb but he maybe get a giant button was swallowing whole thing maybe that would be comfortable but so far I like they're comfy good questions in people's. Or Iraqi list that weekday mornings I carried it and I 98 point five JRC.