ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Zeus of the Harlem Globetrotters

Monday, February 19th

Zeus of the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters joined us in studio to talk basketball, Guinness World Records & not taking "no" for an answer.


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Rocky let's ask. Yeah let's it is that I know we. Thirty for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. Since you're says there's. Thanks for coming and I tell you got a very very busy. Day today and yes sir you're like mr. perseverance. We're told knows somebody on Sarah your career and here you are suiting up for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters are bringing up the pats yes sir. That's just setting the job. They had good messages anybody that's in athletics or really any any part of life's don't take no for an answer I keep going keyboard and are absolutely right actually. I didn't make my first mass Mozee is really eleventh grade I had cut through sixth grade although it's integrating all the Summers since greater miracle happening grew five inches over the summer OK so finally my first seen them on my coaches and teammates said the same thing about me is that Allison nice. And they said an RB get a mass Somalia had a killer instinct you're gonna mean street which I never developed come out savvy guy if I. Value lists like Allen apologized at all. Is that amount. Telling guys and apologizing and support our fifth. Had a guy tell me once I MM zoo after army might seem he said oh you're only do smiling dunks Mallon done and the globetrotters they pay me just hang. A quick enough for me you know I think is out there you know if you're a nice person stay in nice personal of people excited change and say there's got to be mean in order to make it in this world is a place therefore he. Same guy you're the one out talking to kids because that's such a great message and just be who you are and an anti bullying stacking ice duke which we've been to some schools with some globetrotters it's amazing I was really tears in my eyes because you guys have such a positive message in the kids are just their eyes are so big. An idolize you guys. Yeah if you think about it. I'm you know we did NASA's magnetism that Vienna professional athletes do is look up to us nationally irons anyway you know and here I am I'm Sharon with him I'm bullying experience some six and eight so easily 5000 allied did this guy I was able to make it through bowling experience el Nino so and I. So yeah claim. And what a great job to get to do what she loves travel all around the world yet. How did you get your name is that based on what you're good at CES though especially yet to learn how do you turn your name at the downloads are as Aaron. I'm for my dunking ability this everytime I don't blow it sounds like thunder and I still feel system mind allied physique. And he's still in the end against burger records for docking yeah. Loads of world records and how nice and have the most bounced three pointers in one mini me five don't want Manny and I. Slam dunks and one man means 1616. So shut up here and and from what are we treating you have to run back to the foul line again and run up and can dock again that made it X invisible because I thought all I had to do is go straight up and down shirt tomorrow. I am the day I get there they're like no you've got to go behind the free throw line and you have to dribbles I couldn't travel women had these same basketball so they added extra layer of difficulty let out there with a pursuit of mayor Gavin. Nice flow. Wearing on you. Yeah that's talent shows coming up Saturday 2 and 7 o'clock at the arena we have info on tickets and discounted tickets in fact that 95 series Z dot com. You get yours Jack thank you so much for being here real quick to a couple of you're you guys are making a few appearances later today you know whereas. Gone so I'm CA and a boys and girls now love and be giving the anti bullying presentation so a couple of kids there. I'm and also if you guys wanna see some amazing footage Sampras is sickest arguing you can go to Harlem Globetrotters dot com tc me in my teammates don't some pretty cool stuff like those a world records in some crazy tricks out. Nine so what I mean let's when we put that I don't know all the meat and read information on our chairs he Facebook's own people can see where exactly re going to be today RO Suze again thanks in schools CNN they are right.