ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: You Tried it Once...

Thursday, February 8th

Simple question:  What is something you've TRIED ONCE, but will NEVER try again?


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Italy is that and now he is the real deal. We do like to try new things all the time yes roll off pretty adventurous the what is something that you tried once but after that I experienced. We never do again. Because I was telling you about when I had a male masseuse and I didn't think I would ever have a problem with that. But I tried that once and I would not do it again and no offense to anyone who does that I am irrational on this I get that but I did at one time so why there was that he's got a hold your lower yeah. No he I thought he will spend a little too much time below the Mason Dixon line and thank him he got a little zoom frame. She maybe noticed you were not as saying hello Hughes doing his job. And I were a little time I'm feeling well and there and that's. And they drink yeah I think very healthy troll because you put your trusted them yeah I'm thrilled tight is down their let me spend more time in that area and right. It was just too much that's awesome they're ruined me for the future OK so I tried it once and I would not do that again. I have. Ethiopian food. Now the food was awesome. But it's just the way you EPO Ethiopia with their hands it with your hands and isn't a group setting down whoever is that your table you're dipping in the same day and everything is cut it all looks like baby food. And saw I wish together and you spend the. Ball around and see you're eating and I'm not here in trying to you German folk Johnny over here I'm surprised I try any food and food czar who's right. You've got to bolt it for yourself this your own sick act at a table for once please if it. This text that just came in gosh it's on Paris ceiling in Cancun in the boat stalled and crashed on the ocean so I would never do it again if the ice. Just takes a one time he had enough. I could carousel that's some sounds like something you'd be all her aunt. I don't run as you know totaling about one until my thing with a pair are selling as you really don't know who you're dealing with you you know you go to some Mayan ruins. There's some guys maybe can kind of understand them barely you know how long they've been doing it their reputation dilemma I'm not sure. It's no problem about bus let's go. The next tags hey guys I tried hi Jason what I was in Ireland slash Scotland before I knew it was made never I. Fresh is that some kind of body part like stomach of something I say this and I make an episode of the Simpsons and I guess who's trying to sell them that there it's hang on. And not just the stomach of the sheet. You stuff it with heart liver lungs onion O meal sue it spices and other various things menu so it shut. Her as your prepared to disguise the taste.