ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: WWE Superstar Samoa Joe

Tuesday, July 17th

WWE Superstar Samoa Joe joined Rocky & Lissa in studio to talk wrestling & meet his biggest fan, 12 yr old Josh from Lake Ariel. 

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I'm 98 point five KE RC. Yeah umbrellas and. His own. Debbie WE smackdown and being under these BA had a first thanks Mac fans in town for which is about two years. So excited silly this all of the studio baby is right here. I'm jealous can be either good to be here thanks you're coming enough and I began to outperform tonight's big night for you and is it true move today you made the move from. Mortgage broker to wrestler absolutely. Where you're my inspiration for the terror that I just I know my opponents are mainly from these several bad loans and missiles the most. A half. Okay oh crushing terrible interest rates just a few. Don't mortgage brokers would love to make a movie they just don't have the ability yeah. I have trust me there's a bunch I've seen. Tonight just recently made moves to WW yeah a couple of years ago our CIA fan was on robbers in our heroes back down so it's look I'm always a life that first time stepping in the arena where were you efforts WW. First time stepping into the river there Adobe I think I was in the Orlando Florida okay. Yeah I was it was a little surreal so trillion dollar worth Derosa industry into from a self care and every new years it's kind of that's clearly this rules loosely. And so tonight I assume you have your sights on AJ styles who doesn't right right. Here's your hillbilly out there of the belt and he's been beaten up more I guess were good but he doesn't have your good luck charm our buddy Josh you know. I was in studio with us this. You're wrestling fan not only as server WWE fan but a big time guys Joseph fans here. Izzo and what did you want to tell Samoa Joseph sweetie. Eighth weren't horror I. I envy of the antibody and did you my town about his match tonight. Ferraro. How do you win tonight he picked he had. I think you're gonna cheer informant loud you can't start as well based on that's right they're darn right Jack and we'll see on TV tonight. And TV events can be. Yeah I mean I mean since the slayer radio and television when there's a tall order for the. Got a good start right here all the thinking small are just so much she loves you and how much you really appreciate being here with you tonight as you well. Summer slam Gloria part of that next month in Brooklyn all hours managed to be a part. And doing now what's going down that nighter still to be determine I don't know maybe we'll figure that out smell expect them are you ready for your fans the military we are crazy. Negative here in a box office or other web site at tickets are still available for the event tonight 745. We'll be live on USA network at 810. You may see the Iraqis down front cancer pain and I buddy Josh good I think you mean.