ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Who's Your Daddy?

Friday, June 15th

New contest with Rocky & Lissa this week for Father's Day..."Who's Your Daddy?".

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Yeah enlist them. It's on Monday qualifier ARC. Kind of play who's your daddy who's your daddy. Who's your daddy. Yeah I think going head to head on who's your daddy will describe a dad famous dad you have to out buzz in and tell us who that that is Denise if you know it you've bark like a dog can we hear your park right now. Very good night and John I think you will be making monkey noises continue. Kenneth squeal like Marty. It. With the kind of monkey you. Well excellent coverage here. That's your whoever did this and answer no eyes burst that's the most out of five when Iguodala I'd have to guard Erica your first famous dad. This dad would zine Jumanji. Baywatch and is a former. That was the market believes that an ace who's your daddy. No cool cool okay guys Johnson spirit foreign Barack God's best. Jump onto my my people I won for monkey boy says to. That number two this dad used to be on SNL. And now host the Tonight Show. But it took it Monday night and Richard and our Jimmie tell. Smoking and one more new you win a monkey toys. That number three this dad once smoothly this auntie and uncle to Bel air and claims act. I believe that was din niece Hoosier daddy. Will Smith. Back in the game writes that number for this dad played Jim on the office and is married to Emily Blunt measured it. Here's a doubt in my apartment to rural. You know I enjoy it's still a Denise nothing. The good guys from the forty year old urgent. No not now it's not Steve Carell. OK we'll cross that line off and I'm Krzyzewski doesn't resume for. And John Krzyzewski are right your final dads and this that has 99 problems but his three adorable kids aren't the ones. You guys hate speech. Telling people I can't tell you I mean I AJ. IndyCar could die please you just have to do one more time your monkey knows it's something you'd be. It sounds like a Volkswagen female and keep filling of the EU three O feet deep. Good job Donna Ben I enjoy the week day fifty dollar giant Easter gift card when you redeem their gift card Jonathan please take my DR Paulson noted she. Radio and post video.