ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: When In Doubt Use the Diarrhea Card!

Monday, April 23rd

Such a nice day calls for the ultimate "call in sick" excuse...diarrhea!!!


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Iraqi Elisa. I'm naive point five KRC had many sick days are bad news today because today's going to be even nicer than we and it's going to be a close to seventy what's your Sunday degree fix it points turned a bit lost. Annul. I can really didn't. I mean how I can talk on the radio I cannot be dying just left shoe that's too much I feel like yes. Actually I'd that's a great bullies steal the show and I wish it would do the rest of the shelling that voice I don't even saying he can't go on too much then NASA's mission. There are and always go with stomach issues because those don't affect your voice like you have massive diarrhea always go so your stomach related. Can you can't leave the house we don't have to talk like that and let's face it nobody wants to be your own you know they don't want you in the building of trust exactly it's a win win. There's the apple when he uses that don't need to use that intestinal issues when you use that. You wind up running into the people afterwards like your supervisor and I'm using air quotes there when you do that you feel like you have to overcompensate. By maybe giving them a story. Weren't snowing horizontally we have historically has promised you they don't wanna I. Yeah they take your word for our okay well how about this some of them can do is sir mr. I've diarrhea snap ban argued.