ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: When Cheap Backfired

Tuesday, June 12th

We all try to save money whenever possible.  But sometimes, going the cheap route backfires.

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Iraq. So here we go folks sure we get out in three tiers it's show time. I knew enough. When she backfired we'll try to save money whenever we can checking out and usually it's a good idea shopping around a little bit but sometimes backfire yeah. Nor is the best idea like MI experience at feet bid over Paris hotel in London or you think anytime they stick. And name on where you superstar you exotic in fancy tries like all the salons you'd like LE luckily enough from LA you're from during the day he had okay that's a warning some New York. Hair major red flag are you from New York's fifth. If you better be just that tiny little bit elegant everybody's like fourteen bit Al Harris Rosen I think actually. We're going to your kid is what about the time cheap backfired for you what happened. Actually when I am I shut it brought it over here up and my fiance and I Monday traveler. A little bit longer so to save money and certainly like our time on hotels actually traveled daily process that many. Different my country's. So we took a scary. Trying to. Where do we go from not from London to Amsterdam. Was it that bad you're trying to just want this memory running Hernandez. Okay. Are sketchy thing I've ever died like they're like these three people in my back my doing makeshift tacked to the the yet I hunt and they drop the needle at one point I can't I don't know much. I don't drink I don't. Wow what exactly do you mind were you thinking I might die today its name I needed. How are you. I pulled off a security checkpoint at it was awful you Medicare well. Okay are a little lesson don't cut corners and that's in a foreign country that you. ASCII that's brain food and.