ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Weird Food Combos

Friday, April 20th

We learned today that Camila Cabello has a thing for tuna fish sandwiches with bananas!  Weird.  What's your oddball food combo?


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Went out on medi plays sideline. Are these real archaeologists challenging just relaxing with only some of these on the air okay onions and marshmallow fluff. No way eat my boyfriend's got a comfort food is peanut butter and jelly with American cheese TV Eric he's the only reason I might believe that one is that we got another text saying that they do grilled cheese with jelly okay two different people say it may be sure until it what are the next one pickles and Mario's desperate are you. Yeah you just to give us another we're true compass. That bet combo you need to try yeah cranky Tito's and chocolate flooding. Now when me she doesn't show much and I. They can't believe me try it the other night and he is now like the biggest thing. Even sing in the same sex sounds weird. I can't do it I'm not if you felt like just a few random third exactly and out of the air what may be tried in the first place mighty hero tried it. And my mom and play your own CD anything exactly tantamount diet I didn't know it the best they ever get your eight year old will pick something off the floor imported and are now sure Obama girls are concerned got a global look at the text that just came in since I was akin have been dipping my chicken. In chocolate putting. And now my kids do. Our office now why. And I don't think sunk and who actually make the announced chicken night only. Just sounds wrong.