ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Under 40 & Sewing

Wednesday, March 7th

Lissa spent the night at Camp Entercom because of the weather and revealed that she brought her sewing kit "for fun."  Anyone else under the age of 40 sewing?


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You list them. Point five KRC. DL Molly in the tax club not only so is she also men's on occasion. I used to commander yes you have to like this jacket latency but the lining in my favorite techie here there where everything is torn and this'll be fixed as of tomorrow because tonight this is my pride. I usually mending tonight I will get ending. We're giving us a hard time because she's she bride in her sewing kit last night she spent the night here at camp banner contest whether. So if you're under the age of forty and you he's so. It feel free to share your. Our order having them share and there are just I. I guess what you do it's useful it's useful skill I think the combination that this is why their mentioned unless maybe you're the combination of I'm scared of the weather and I sell it just sounded a little too golden girls who you know scared of this now also I see here is well. That kind of thing I Janet. You can have your own little poll. 1800. THE TR I mean I context this is scares me with cy your comments he seven to 81 this is Erica. Under the age of forty and you sound is that correct. I do know I am I think you felt any color shape I'm laughing because it. You're marketing and I don't go out all the time out. Young yeah full line my daughter is getting and I mean I that it really crushing budget would be eighty. I'm making her happy that I have to look out quite so just the amount of time and pitched. That's 80 yeah and now less fewer Boston and Chris shares were kind of guy Kerr shaky because a little jealous it seems to be here's the truth it's out of my skill set I don't think I can do that. It's very complicated so I mock the things I can do. I have been trying to land and they say that they can't go. But you'll are making things from scratch I'm just naming things in fixing things to make your kids claw our amazing fastening congress and. Don't let somebody else they're not too critical that they love it up and let them quote clearly it didn't and that's. On to their sleep and.