ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Tunkhannock Tigers Player Intros

Wednesday, August 15th

Cool moment for the girls from Tunkhannock last night in the Little League Softball World Series--> they got to do their own player introductions on ESPN 2.  Go Tigers!!!

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First you can join us unlucky point five KRZ what skills make Illinois pretty pragmatic tiger. Or over Oregon in the a Little League softball World Series so they go for the championships. I nights so the clock on ESPN numbers is there wheelers burg Ohio and this is pretty awesome the LA intro all girls last night ESPN and they had to say a little piece about themselves that way. No I think you're gonna like this. And as a cabbage and I between brother and I'm. Hi my name is coming commentary on everything I just I'm. I am heinous hand and then at the end of this isn't Kensington yeah. Anything and then ask the doctor named Sally and my baby cousin named Kennedy went yes. Answer many parents and I had double I'm standing about the I'm sure there I didn't like my brother my shares had a good fifty pound. Color analyst at her. I lost my PlayStation hitting a lot of that yeah I mean if I was copying today's my here's a straight his tenth birthday happy birthday small. I have asked my. Name is Cindy and I and I can yell at me. Hi my in his hands isn't like they think you know my family is a lot so yeah. I'm a McCain fan. I was a quarterback and he's trying to tackle for bookings of five yes wow I'm planning a Lexus dealer. Here the 2008. I guess I'll start paying sometimes get a Pennsylvania where you're representing you usually can. Jason was after.