ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Travis from We the Kings

Friday, March 9th

Travis Clark from WE THE KINGS called us this morning to give us a preview of their performance on our float in the Scranton St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Be sure to check out their hot new song "Sad Song."


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Rackley let's ask. Parade weekend he's wearing of the green. They drinking is a Sunday of course throughout wilkes-barre and tomorrow in downtown Scranton for the annual us in Patrick's day parade and we are proud to present. We the kings things are carriage fees are on our float from our army. Hi all along the parade route you are welcome to follow us intervene we the kings fan walk alongside us who love to see an and then doing immediately forest and I was up levels Travis Clark lead singer we nikkei's joins us right now Travis. Yeah you can do what if you're clearing especially because yeah like I'm planning on out of what would. It's going to be a bit of a Florida boy let them sort. A little bit and LA put a Nike you cold blooded as the court whether it's like I've fifty. Play your luck is both be like 75 tomorrow. As can be semi final on senator from us. All the weather channel that will. There's final patent tank tops out because it. Travis you haven't long underwear. I do actually but I tell me that he us gain. An idyllic small press. Tell you what pretender going skiing and you'll be almost as warm as you need to be on our float to the. You know I'm ready for it I have dikes those. I'd be glad that it's almost got out that they'll play guitar well at the very end of the day I'm very very excited to be off the match and we got up there and playing unbelievable Ben. A longtime supporter of Obama can we were so grateful so thank you got to throw it I don't music it really thought. And correct me if from wrong Travis are you guys we the kings are in the U raining kick ball champs. Gotta go I don't know if I'm correct right. Nobody yet that. Has never beaten up. I. I think there was mr. Correa a few years ago and 12011 yet the last time we did not all championship we of the kings just ran with the trophy he did. I don't like it the so my ego or or cocky anywhere but but ego aside we heard the absolute best. Top players ever and. Your fans are so it was great to have you back here and getting to meet prefers after the trade which is so generous and wonderful and you think he'll. Of course speaking what we've always been so proud of them until I you know even with our. Our insurers in our own tours you would accept or we always had to go out. And say hi to chance we understand that they realized from the very beginning that we couldn't do it without those people's stuff. I know a lot of fans are that way a lot artist and that way it brought it would have. I've been the norm Cilic always got that's exactly. No sweat off our backs to just get hug and I don't know to be sweaty hug different. Well taken I would like to say that I you follow your NC grams solely for the music by your kids are cuter than a basket of puppies. They are they've taken over my entire social media. Art form you know what I thought the whole platform it can take note of it we were in Australia. And I asked. Is who we can headlining tour and write the sports page that's all. I updated video of the entire crowd saying all excited you're so cool to us. Feel lucky day and I want to play high. I actually really cool because I. I'd say street cred. Saturday parade day in Scranton dress warm Travis and now we'll see guys that. Often but yeah I think so much.