ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: The Talkback 16 Hot Weather Guy

Thursday, August 30th

The hot weather brings out the BEST in people!  Just listen to this caller to Talkback 16 Wednesday night. 

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That's a good China Sunday point five KRC and he'd always brings out the best in people doesn't need some people who we just we can't take it you know we rejoin let me do aggravated luckily WNET is there for an Alley for your aggravation right. Come back we love you know. GE. I guess they've had a few dollars this week a little upset. Where is best schools for dismissing early because he failed to kids out like Brian de yourself. Hang on. We're eating out reminding me let them. They do play this golf OK I started under a minute but this is the best of the best from last night. Cranky old man complaining because kids are getting out early. Oh god is god. They get close to being our Sean Madonna. Though it's not we'll go ahead they get up backed bonds. Wow dinner and a backbone. Good friend well by scientists say it is the judge walker isn't something exactly like I just the other day. You know it's like people say well in every day I get what else is to hit their kids would belts and you try swim stalls that sell cigarettes to get a bag vendor making good seat belts we don't need a stake in the seat belt. This kid's bounces. Our projectiles Alley or find that once they hit the roof of the car and they fall back down again we find the. Yes a different world nowadays are really yes you actually care if you can get heat damage.