Friday, March 17th

What is it about crummy weather that brings out the worst in people?  Rocky & Lissa wanted to hear about your experience with a "Stella Jerk."


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Iraqi endless. Every morning on ninety point five KRZ. Right merger moves thanks to the storm. Jessica has unforced what did you witness. I I actually armed with a nine nurture an hour by cooker and we watch that guy constancy and Barry has not staying. And tell all of us now by our neighbors they and so that now she had to take double the amount just to try and get out. I'll so rude and your mustang URL again person is probably a famous person you just did that to a mom. Time. Yes it got them until markets now not a doctor or three days and she needs the area says he's not he's even selling it's not on the first place. Are maybe you know some of those Scranton kids are listening right now he had by Cooper's will help to dig the van now. C a buried ban contest turns. Including. You can hit it straight I admit down environments okay. Guys thanks Sharon who do you think you. To take into extra seconds and I shovels snow like you know a couple feet over you know what you're doing TO. You know your throwing that people who own real eight and some people are so oblivious to the world namely a round ahead but first month thing. Think it's a person.