ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Stalking the Wild Khaki-saurus

Wednesday, October 11th

This caught Rocky & Lissa by surprise this morning: the elusive Khaki-saurus was spotted RIGHT IN THE KRZ STUDIO!!!


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Raphael Seth. Hot flash point five K this is the major news we have our first khaki sighting of the fault long look right next year I'll. Lot of my. It's weren't sure. It's Burton Jackie's today wow. I am not wearing khakis and then ship believing you people are good also in. Wearing khakis is home shirts are big I today and that's not a Glenn Close to my investments and I. Fund flight home I'll let Jim Harbaugh records or Michigan are really nice rocking the colony right Jim Harbaugh document khakis. Rather be called it. I think doctors do let's say you can't. Here's all right if you must know they are doc are really good I gap gaga prosecutors accurate I have some business things to do today men's department at Sears repentance odd time night. Rocky roads are I don't care all right my first rate Iraqi citing her husband peered diary today was a big Danks wasn't expecting it in our studio and we need it could be out in the field somewhere. General Powell or maybe under our rocker's son that you set up somewhere for zebras hiding and on national you'd rather unexpected right this came into the break came right to us and try to bait or anything like it.