ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: The Space Elf Guy

Thursday, July 5th

There's a guy that's on "Botched" next week that is trying to transform himself into what he's calling a "Space Elf!"

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Rocky and lives in the morning on ninety point five. I ARZ he's. Put this up on the cares each order at 985 W care ZAS simple rocky and listen Paul have you ever heard of space selves because there's a guy. Who's gonna be unbiased is it next week right yes July 11 if you would like to mark your calendar and I guess he's not happy with his lucky. How often enough this. She wants to transform himself into space self long years pointed nose white eyes white hair he sort of looks like the chick from dark crystal bit creepy here. Freddie be Everest is us now and I'll tell you what they definitely need a resident psychologist or psychiatrist I don't know we begin with some of these people I am exactly some of them are really scary looking that I look like they definitely had need a lot of help this guy sounds like a space self brave face almost BR warrior spoke lower ninth and they protect the aren't. Fraud illegal aliens on stuff like that. The army buddy bill wiese can be guys smile features. Long right chair when I saw the dogs are for the first time I told her that I wanted to how I know also done. Doesn't look. You wanna hold a small yeah. I'm borrowing he knows he wants to fulfill my dreams unfreeze some angles I'm not held in Iran would be an amount. Tell us terrorizing I don't know I'm. He's mad because he doesn't look how often enough yes I don't it doesn't look enough like a space I think you should be on the show ended go to be Papa Smurfit and that's Mer for round about becoming a smirk I guess is he's botched appearance doesn't work out there's hope. Hyped. But you know Freddie brings up an interesting point too deep and these people have some sort of obligation to get them professional help that they clearly need may come on the show or are we just all pointing in like life is not just like I was sad as telling. Only when inferno his job right live plastic surgeon record and up and trying to fix in these people that are transforming in severe weather. Lady I celebrity every wanna look like Britney Spears are yet Kelly human Barbie doll that you aren't you are now. They have a Justin Bieber guy I done it to end servers so don't be thousands of dollars it's pretty scary. But possibly launch an ex love yourself kids yes Angel watching the space self episode.