ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Sleep Deprived Dad

Thursday, August 9th

Parents doing crazy things thanks to lack of sleep.  Been there? This Dad has!

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Or tones of 102 digits no job. 98 point five JRC. We had sleep deprived dad wants to go on the air that's 1800 and shoots you'll manage buyer right jumpin. Conversation insects that scares you chemist the 71. Some of the weird stuff you've done. The lack of sleep. I knew I was kind either block baseball in my pocket or holes he'd like yeah. This loss continues. Yeah and I even had my white flight home like double the content like this. And we knew I thought it best right right like they're you don't. Sometimes my dad went by Bob MacDonald and Laura. Very feasible yeah. As a married couple when you do stupid things like this like your outing because you asked her to help you find it when she does dumb things she tell you out of sleep deprivation that's I mean he shares a cowboy you're just worried about getting TC announcing anything. Yet know she's she's picked on me pretty good but I kind of beat her pretty well. You know she should give it to me a little bit but I but I don't go there let's. They're Smart man that is pretty Smart. Let's face right in all right thank Saturday and you simply talking momma bear man right down don't.