ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Sentimental Things We still have from Our Childhood

Wednesday, August 8th

What started out as a fun topic about the sentimental things we've saved from our childhood soon escalated into body parts that Mom & Dad have hung on to!

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Rocky analyst at time. Yeah this is a nice little odd topic that you brought up when you mentioned it to me yesterday should now be a sentimental things that we hang on to from our childhood we want mom to keep an internal tape drives holy cow did escalate could now. It's turning and so like you know body parts and moms and dads are hanging onto and passing along to their kids. From FaceBook this she's in her mom's after Castro when she broke her arm when she was lit up. I'm really okay that's cute but does it smell yes I and then a bush people keep in chief from their kids this one you Texas about the belly buttons and you're wondering you know how old are the kids now and write their original belly button that I thought he's they're twelve and nine. Well I'm no hero belly button to hire a 900 nice sixty said I also kept my son's belly button and the circle cap from his penis and he is thirteen. All my lord while please never show that's visitors. Just I I implore you. Friends come over instead of like prom night and embarrassing for around me healed through the I tapped to play and take a guess what's in this little container hair blue. Wow wow. Nancy how. I know you're very attached to as a parent to where everything that our kid doesn't. Grab their own their life. King is my mom is listening online right now and she joined C I'm not that he had no. Personally I know are all didn't save any your body parts and I know oh okay.