ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Scrubbing Your Ex from Social Media

Friday, July 6th

The Social Scrub.  Do you wipe out photos of your ex on social media once you're in a new relationship?

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Rocky enlist in the morning on 98 point five. ARC a scrub or not describe that is the question we're not talking about you personally. But social media after. Relationship goes south you go back and just eliminate that person. From all your social media which you know that's that's a short. Gee I can be I'm not really Katie describe your social media. I am so I would keep it accurate that. I could end and that's spotlight but they got it on doubt I'll buy you anything that like. To big group or that you specifically looked at it they're that they're think they'll kind of retreat but it is nothing but it. Okay our rights are so it's like yes Tristan an outsider looking in the photo would know that you two were romantically involved. Man that should read there's you it's really. It doesn't hurt to see those memories thought. I'm a little painful but it felt nice. Remember the good time that he had. That may be your I think your times with your extra better than mine and my exes I hear you can't. I know I think that probably has a lot to do it may be how it and within a bad break out nasty some bad TV okay good thought Katie thank you thanks Jake. Where's your take be different if we just like a clean break your guests this time was right maybe you keep us photos are okay. Absolutely a bad break if you don't want any memory. Really sad that I had none of those. When I wanna keep the person's different. All the breaks that's not a compliment to me I'm sure that any of the memories and he really painful for me see it's like if you pass to kidney stone you want photos of the kidney stone. On FaceBook and relive the happy memories aren't answered Sam you're the youngest in the studio right now. So you had to ask Greg social media should I'd probably completed I didn't. Too lazy to do it so if we're honest we go to your face you page right now. Oh boy for instructor. Yeah you'll see like this in my last boyfriend who was slink. The rebound night comprehension. And you'll see the boyfriend that I probably shouldn't have deleted. The wonder okay makes all the problems OK I won't boyfriend's from like the ninth grade. On our there well you just have deemed me. But that's nice so that you don't need to delete all of them the one I was like about two and I'm like I really don't wanna see this and how is like. Seeks a final. But I think. You speak for a lot of people especially men I bet a lot of men have photos of x.s on their FaceBook instead Twitter. That they just don't delete because they just don't turn after going to lead them in and they get a new girlfriend who might be like. I used to. Does that Carla and I thought I. And you remember at Carlisle on the and it might make it a problem for you new relationship. And wait for you getting your next serious finds him you know and may and this guy may be like lighting so pictures of coral. Now why are you going back like you know eight years ago in my FaceBook page that's another question.