ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Rockstar Teacher Winner Calls the Show

Friday, December 1st

November Rockstar Teacher winner Christine Eyer called Rocky & Lissa Friday morning, still totally blown away by her special award.


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Yeah I'm ninety point five. Blast yesterday low road trip after the show floor van Plymouth to Wyoming Valley west. Winners this month in the media director teacher contest is Christine fire she's the high school orchestra director at Wyoming Valley where she joins us now. And Christine congratulations again. Think you know very nice I am. I actually. Had no word which is very rare. Some cheers now. You're there you are the first teachers that we've now given Iraq's their teacher were two that actually share a few tears searchers special yesterday. He's saying you yes that would it is truly caught me off guard and that was one of those in the moment current players. I had no clue who what was going on and that is stupid you really not. At the moment nice. And obviously meant a lot to you that your students think that much yeah I think she knew that they love you but it did. Did you have any idea that they were going to that extent to tell you. No huh. Not on Monday you know they get great kid. Dan and day out though it was. It I didn't feel late backed away should be every day and though I am very glad lock it very very very cool. And then you'd and and he expressed it that way it would it would knock them just really I couldn't. I still can't be a word to describe felt it was just great. Mom were people telling you all day all I saw you on the Jersey FaceBook totally famous. Should I not I actually had a friend that's really cool. Well videos now playing a 985 cares dot com if you wanna relive the moment we. Crashed your practice session yesterday in the auditorium and it was we just we're happy to be there it's to recognize you what you do on a daily basis. Your knees and thank you and I thought that often you that in. And that recognition that it is really really just the nice gesture it was it was just so amazing thank you very very much. To a bigger war our pleasure lovely girl thanks Christine. Our rock star teacher for the month of November and that is I Christine are from where I'm valley west we're gonna take a break in December and then you'll do it again. After the first of the year. What if I'm teacher I'm so glad she's spread around the grades to she goes to elementary right and does high school and middle school and just to have it and music teacher like that take it from someone who's musician now you don't know the difference your making in their lives the very last firing for the rest of their lives. And thanks to a prison on the rocky for us. Don't know the leg work behind the scenes asked him if I think that all happened yesterday so. Nobody was surprised that it was kind of like the administration when he makes sense in Iraq.