ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Is Rock's Method of Eating Weird?

Thursday, April 12th

Rock got called out for the way he uses a knife & fork.  When you eat, do you switch hands & use the knife in your dominant hand?  Or, do you do the opposite (like Rock), and don't switch hands?


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Rocky let's ask. How perilous the and in my left hand I rice left hand and yes he left handed some of the things they do you are right handed like through baseball bat by eating last night I never realized this when there is and I am dinner with soup. You right handers you switch yet so so you're eating your reasoning your fourteen right hand correct then we go to use your knife still he's in the right hand. Yes because you want that. Non dominant hand to anchor the food money cut if you were properly on the train like I am I don't think you have the proper you'd. You had dinner with the queen Sheila can you a little weird she believed in me like I do they keep switching hands I guess I'm ready to go where I got the fork in my left in that I don't matter right Emery. Properly executed knife with your non dominant hand made peace in the. Play Freddy do you place your lap but you're you're writing or are you like well I throw lefty now here's an I don't know why you're running the other. Which you wish Andy have important right airline. Got to think yeah our it was the right usually in my house. Even eating good to think about it. Their fingers well he's built up so late horizontally and I'm not really focusing on how far away is the place for me one hand in my holding my utensils or want. Always run on the yet to think about stuff like that don't don't don't yes you do moving nine Texas club is. 80% of people cutting with their dominant hand and the first international and Ed. But the first on the Texans had the opposite is a lefty like Q so I wonder if lefties original it's a last evening a lefty eighty hour. I agent Ari are you on the life but one arm got to my meal I think. I gave him or might not survive on the line and I think it back look. Walked seed retail and that's a glass into. Yeah yeah I brought it down to pull out or Obama. Meet soon with the proper way to do it because when you cut through that lean muscle into your back and forth switch in the civil words and how do you eat Hoover pump tested phonetic and settle down. I picked it up on the street apparently met Paris didn't teach me the proper way he. I'm cats have you Michelle. The righty lefty thing you switch chance. I do not. I know Grady and I cut with my left yet. Right he has so you can do what I do just an opposite hints you know switch okay all right took so it is possible with you the right handers less if you tried today. Maybe I'm just dying hutchins abilities. I think less comfortable admitting he put a short clipped my right hand and get caught with my great. Interest in do you have like a little T Rex left hand is that what it is pleasant. We yeah. You Freddy your bigger Howard Chandler. Now he's hammering. You only get so weird that I don't remember right out of hand because I'm not keen attention to remind you that he had a lot of big big things going and like not all the time my whole life and pro baseball whether right or left after my last chance to see the answer came like that in via the U. Every day yeah but I multiple times and most at times and I was playing baseball is paying attention when I'm doing flow. The yanks blow everything eating well. And he walked around them rained for just a second.