ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Rock's Dog Has Computer Skills

Friday, January 12th

Rock found out this week that his dog Cairo has computer skills!


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Rocky endless down. This is bizarre last night guys and sitting on the Casio my laptop but in my lap were should be right there. And I'm getting some work to do. And no one or dogs Tyrell is next be he and I can slow wrestle somebody gets out becomes over looks me in the face industry comes over and needling basically jumps on my laptop. Right Planon. Somehow. Two seconds later everything on my laptop is upside down. What could possibly hit. Yeah exactly patty do it and I can't get my eight my laptop reversed I re booted it same thing everything is upside down Malone and try to work the mouse. And you have to work it in Mercer upside down the X is working the opposite way did you bring it and that they'll pay down your idea can I went online and I got a quick feet who is he somehow he hit control all arrow and that reverses everything. Iron in the front control on I don't know yet and you can do it alone and do it but only be able to flip them back in 019 but I was just doing just the fact there are over and like I. Just hit this key two singles and everything is upside gotta like so creepy Sims smarter than you think is a hacker. Fallon by mistake there was not seeing go dad paid attention to me blocked out even know one has even had that function where you can. Flickr and my son Emerson would that be useful why do you need it.