ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Rock Needs Advice

Tuesday, July 17th

Rocky is meeting his son's new GF for the 1st time this weekend.  Any advice? What shouldn't he ask her?

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I'm 98 point five KE RC. I'm more us suggestions for me this weekend meaning my son's girlfriend for the very first time soon advice what to do what not to do 1800. Q2 20 Lanny fiery keep taxing just doing a great job and thanks god test comes killing has seven to anyone about it Susan some advice. Don't bring up well and number I want you can cost you and don't bring up the last one you met at the open on the M alarm. Your quits he might be at the girl that jealous and they are now. But when your lip up and like it yeah I would any you know what I'm up but in joining me that you don't want to bring characters you're. Yep that's good to keep that name I'm back here has just Alabama thanks bank. Here's how do Corky not get Al I want. Isn't you don't get somebody who. I defense took off. And then that old joke. We think it is Texan says I was someone I meet his girlfriend's I usually ask how we met. And then what type of work her parents do I like how they met question but when you're asking what type who works at least parents Shia. I like tonight are questioning your pedigree years says throwing your background yeah. And that much in my dad and prisons my modest Zalman smokes all day okay good wealthy on and I like the speaker.