Wednesday, June 13th

Rock has serious issues about going into his wife's purse...and he's not alone!

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Iraqi analysts say and I feel a little better less I'm not alone. I'm Mike first issue I don't ask me to go root around your purse to find something here is. You find it I don't wanna be in there I. I don't wanna be swimming in unchartered waters you never know we're gonna find in there you corps wife look at this tax club though on how many guys are with you. And phone calls as well apparently I Robbie empress is used to. I'm saying like Iraq you know go go through the first and you go up to employ and you had to put it opened up you get the nonsense. The other thing is yeah well you didn't put it back where. I have is that reactive. They have done to differ that just let them out of prayer now. Here in this sea breeze you're at tonight's I don't I don't think I open up you know let us. You can run but thanks to hear about them how long does surely yeah purse issues. Our rock you have no idea. It drives me out. Who will lead in the paint should we have a look we have a look at markets and also and people cookies on the hook also. But when she borrow my car for some reason it my keys and up in her purse or her pockets older. Who whatever and when I go and ask them because other might hurt or right you know as I could start picking a person with our topic every piano the first look at I'm at Bagram. CVS is a. Well when you put the interpersonal have to put everything back in the early they got my feet back here. I have to say I see your point oh is going to show enough respect for her own keys to put on hunt but it's your keys and their hidden Garrett Hartley who recruit. All right and we feel your pain they share it back makes a lot of sense interest seeing what this Texas seven to 81 I hate going through my wife's purse. I think it's dirty I don't know what I'm not find in there and I don't know what's going to find knee is everything around. So testing mechanism ready for any snakes can bite you at the bottom. And he said it's possible stats on the tissues rapper is received but then his return text makes the most sense to me. I kinda see your point now he says it's pretty much like asking someone to find one file folder in an entire filing cabinet without telling them where to look thank you.