ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Porch Pirate Revenge

Friday, December 8th

Ever have a package stolen from your porch?  It's especially painful this time of year.  Check out what one woman did to fight back!


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Iraqi. Eight point five KR CEO we absolutely love what. This idea a way out by fighting back against the torch pirates these are the losers in life. That for some reason. Think it's OK to go on your porch and steal your package especially this time a year yes with everybody expecting at Christmas packages. For the home worried to send some. I know what's it like you might not even be something you want it right thief. Come time. Is a woman who are again she got fed up the Porsche pirate. And this was your gonna be senator Johnson this year. To say immediate steals the box. And that she put her other son to work to fight back against the Porsche fires are others and his form unsolved. She taped the box filled with over a dozen. Of these dirty is diapers along with a note reading enjoy this year thief and then left it on the porch here she is your explain. Why should do this. I wanted to. Get mail that I guess passive aggressive revenge that Tony dirty drivers and learn how laid 1015. Dirty diapers and then that that how dirty. Well he's been sick the last. I decided that comes straight out yeah maybe you know now element of relief and just you know fun to come home and student it was gone and we had quite a blast. Thinking about someone opening up the box of dirty diapers thinking of they're gonna get something get and it's not. How are you that video that we are yeah. I'm nice guy another box of that lady's tour and he's so beautiful and doesn't I just nasty good for a rare feat funky diapers. Just want that genius ideas beautiful punt against porch pirates.