ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Pooper-In-Tendent Update

Wednesday, August 15th

Remember the Superintendent from NJ that got caught pooping on school property?  Time for an update!

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Or two or was it. 210 which it did excel job. Like he point five JRZ. I have an update on the story and that we made a big deal this is back in May this year yes the superintendent in Jersey yes we have an update there's new news there. Every calling him the superintendent of schools in this story here accused of repeatedly opening on school property it will now receive. More than 100000. Dollars from that school district. Once he resigned he's going to be a reverence for the pooper he's got well this is going to be paid is full salary through the end of September that's a 100000 dollars plus two months' severance pay. Ended it gets over 23000 dollars in unused vacation time wives. This is sane. His arrest followed weeks of employees finding group on a daily basis near are on the home go high school football field I believe that's where Bruce Springsteen graduated don't. Only Bruce there about this continues to be known for that Paul felt sorry. You former us school had allegedly caught at. The track in the act at the at a high school there there's two via school set up the cameras. And then they tracked down so tough. Contract does not Null and void if you defecated on the grounds and where you are employed this is good to know jewelry is grind grind take this trial this. This theory but I dresses like. Our Xena flies Dylan might be regular C you get paid for the rest them this year and then little severance and then your average vacation is vacation he's nearly up 23 days of vacation his salary was insane to my dad was a superintendent I remember telling my data salary can I dislike it I made that much I'd prove myself yeah okay.