ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Police Chase on Cross Valley

Friday, May 18th

Both Rocky & Lissa almost ended up in the middle of this week's Police chase on the Cross Valley in Wilkes-Barre.

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Rocky and listen we did. Game mornings on 98 point five KE RC ES. Jim guy you miss the staff meeting we had luckily we got out kind of early I was here it's like 1 o'clock anyway to good thing it didn't runway like he normally does because I would you got caught in the middle of that high speed chase. Under cross found no it and you don't care additive. I was I just got so much running errands so yes I was there and all the police have swarmed and and more coming sirens just going to and I figured it was a bank robbery that and it turned into so much more yeah I read this story later that's not my children to be do we think. They really do they believe they're going to get away with it. Dana I guess they had their their license plate this guy who looked at paper over the licensed by blue in Nevada and I held trek anyway Iraq is always to do is get out and 81. Our need to do with race to the New York border where they go after anyone where their hideout somewhere. The bank robbers still have hideouts they go up in the shed in the woods the meet while the partner in the dry in the passenger seats on FaceBook asking if anybody has recommendations for a great high now yeah placed earthquake placed a dip. When America last ditch effort when there's like fifty costs in the one guy takes off on foot that is only hope that I find getting away have you ever seen a storm there like we almost them. But he may like a marathon right he was.